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Sep 25, 2009

Winning the trip, the chance

I visited California after long years of absence. I just can't explain how happy I was... as if the whole cells in my body were dancing in joy. YES, I AM BACK!
This is the beginning of my journey to my true self, as a free soul, a single mother, an independent person, an artist... whatever you may call it.
I have been in pursuit of spiritual growth for more than 2 decades, most intensely in the eleven years when I lived in California. What I have encounte
red there was simply amazing.
This time, I brought my beloved daughter along to explore. Also a good old friend of mine accompanied us.
First of all, the idea for the trip was to attend the opening reception of an art event in Roseville, ("Lottery for the Arts" by Roseville Arts!) where my artwork got in. It seemed impossible when I first dreamed of it. No
such freedom was allowed in the controlled marriage relationship....

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Bob Towery said...

Noriko: it was great to meet you in Roseville. I enjoyed taking your picture, and of course your lovely daughter. The only way it could have turned out better is if I had been chosen early enough (in the lottery) to choose your art! Glad you had a good trip here, you are welcome anytime!