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Sep 30, 2009

Miraculous Lake Tahoe

The first sight of Lake Tahoe from the south route was very impressive, however, the more impressive, or rather breath-taking sight was Emerald Bay. I still remember how the field of view opened up after a couple of hairpin curves, and suddenly overlooking blue-green lake on both sides. I was lucky enough to reexperience the drive with one of the crew back then.
Bathing at Emerald Bay was so peaceful. I felt pure oneness with the nature.
Then a miracle happened. It was quite a long hill going all the way down to the shore, and it seemed reckless for us to go without a full bottle of water. It was quite hot, too. But strangely enough, going back up was so easy! We all felt so light going uphill all the way, not even getting thirsty nor having short of breath. We must have been filled with Tahoe energy!

Sep 28, 2009


Thank God, my assumption was right! When we pulled to the side by a well-lit bar on Pony Express Trail to check street address, we were so surprised how dark it was around there. So dark that we couldn't see the sign next door nor across the street. So I got off from the car to walk closer. It was so dark that I couldn't even see my feet on the ground. Then I looked up to the sky, and Yes! Above me was a strip of thousands of stars glittering! Look up there! Lots of stars! Mommy promised you...
The only thing was that I'd forgotten to count those tall pine trees in the star-watching plan.

Sep 27, 2009


Lake Tahoe has been always my special place, with or without snow. Whenever I visit there, I feel like I become one with the universe, in another words, I become "nothing", which is ideal as far as ego is concerned. The place has such positive and vibrant energy that instantly lifts my spirit.
As my friend also loves Tahoe, it was very quick that we added the destination in our plan. Since we are driving to Roseville, Lake Tahoe is only a few hours away.
Although I took my daughter to Tokyo where we started our new life together this summer, I didn't get to take her to any special /fun places but to a small local planetarium. As the innocent 6-year-old really enjoyed it, I promised her the real stars as many as she saw in the planetarium.
So I planned to stay overnight near Eldorado National Forest before Lake Tahoe. And of course I wanted to save the fun part of driving through the forest in the morning with anticipation of the first glimpse of the great blue lake.

Sep 26, 2009

Drop Thinking

As I believe that we all create our reality by imagining, I imaged myself in California, feeling the crisp air, the sunshine and the refreshing breeze, etc. in my morning meditation. I used to try to THINK too much to get an answer, but recently I learned about ego by a great book, "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, and I discovered that drop thinking but feeling works better. However, it has not been that easy for me. It is as if through the darkness, I barely followed the path lit before me. Then here I was, it all came true!

Sep 25, 2009

Winning the trip, the chance

I visited California after long years of absence. I just can't explain how happy I was... as if the whole cells in my body were dancing in joy. YES, I AM BACK!
This is the beginning of my journey to my true self, as a free soul, a single mother, an independent person, an artist... whatever you may call it.
I have been in pursuit of spiritual growth for more than 2 decades, most intensely in the eleven years when I lived in California. What I have encounte
red there was simply amazing.
This time, I brought my beloved daughter along to explore. Also a good old friend of mine accompanied us.
First of all, the idea for the trip was to attend the opening reception of an art event in Roseville, ("Lottery for the Arts" by Roseville Arts!) where my artwork got in. It seemed impossible when I first dreamed of it. No
such freedom was allowed in the controlled marriage relationship....