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Sep 30, 2009

Miraculous Lake Tahoe

The first sight of Lake Tahoe from the south route was very impressive, however, the more impressive, or rather breath-taking sight was Emerald Bay. I still remember how the field of view opened up after a couple of hairpin curves, and suddenly overlooking blue-green lake on both sides. I was lucky enough to reexperience the drive with one of the crew back then.
Bathing at Emerald Bay was so peaceful. I felt pure oneness with the nature.
Then a miracle happened. It was quite a long hill going all the way down to the shore, and it seemed reckless for us to go without a full bottle of water. It was quite hot, too. But strangely enough, going back up was so easy! We all felt so light going uphill all the way, not even getting thirsty nor having short of breath. We must have been filled with Tahoe energy!

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Bob Towery said...

I have travelled much of the world, but it is hard to find a more beautiful lake than Tahoe. So glad you were able to show it to your daughter, and pick up some magic energy!